For several decades, I have been interested in scientific mind / body and brain / consciousness research professionally. Increasingly, I became aware of and work with the energy / information fields that underlie physical reality. My work tends to be on the cutting edge of science and in application, challenges current political and economic power structures. Unfortunately, (like a virus invading my body) negative energies seem to occasionally invade my personal energy / information space. I have come to call this “psychic attacks”. They typically occur when an important project is nearly finished and about to become public. The “attacks” range from inexplicable equipment failures and near accidents to extreme tiredness and mental confusion. This can go on for days and sometimes weeks. I used to think that maybe I lack willpower and discipline to finish the project, or that I have an unconscious pattern of fear of completion. Then over a year ago, someone referred me to Lourens. Now in one session, my mental space is cleared and finishing the project is relatively easy.

Once I asked Lourens to intervene on behalf of a relative who was hugely successful in his work until he had a nervous breakdown – apparently due to burnout. For months, he lingered in a drugged state in a psychiatric institution (in Brno) without apparent improvement. With his mother’s permission, I had a session with Lourens (in Cape Town) on his behalf. The next day his mother phoned excitedly that he suddenly seems so much better and that his medication will be reduced. About 10 days later, he was allowed to go home. And a couple of months later he started to work again and is coping well, although he still has to take it easy.

Dr. E.D Brno
Czech Republic

A huge stress reliever and energy infuser, sessions with Lourens offer calming guidance that bring balance and provide clarity to both my personal and business matters. It has become a resource of great value in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

New York, USA

Lourens is a rare and talented being. We consider ourselves deeply fortunate to know him and to be able to access his healing skills and wisdom when it’s needed. And even when we are feeling great, it is still great to consult with him and get him to tidy up our energy field! His abilities defy rational explanation….but everyone whom I have recommended Lourens to, have also come home raving and feel blessed by the opportunity.

A & J
Sedgefield, South Africa

I consider Lourens a mentor. His support, insight and guidance has been invaluable whilst I have gone through some intensive, life changing, experiences in the past 4 years. Whilst I ultimately have to make the choice of action, I have found that with Lourens’s over-view of my circumstance, I am able to make considerate…

Durban, South Africa

I often arrive physically tired, emotionally and mentally battered and bruised. After having a session with Lourens I feel that‘ve got my wings back again. I feel spiritually, emotionally and mentally rejuvenated and alive. Thank you dear Lourens you have a very special talent.

Cape Town, South Africa

There are very few people I trust to give solid counsel in this world and Lourens is one of them. He is simply brilliant! With all the ‘stuff’ we have going on, things can sometimes get very confusing, we even begin to doubt ourselves. This is where Lourens comes in. His insight is absolutely brilliant. He has a brilliant ability to tune into the matter at hand and helps create clarity. He also has a great handle on reality so helps in creating tangible plans for the circumstances. And for those who understand the importance of discernment, you’ll appreciate Lourens even more. He is kind, empathic and a dear soul. Forever grateful for having been introduced to him.
Thank you!

London, England

We all need help. Being brave enough to call on it when you are at the lowest points in life is worth serious consideration.The assistance gained from a number of key sessions with Lourens over the years has been a valuable resource in every sense of the word. The range of complex international problems…

Singapore, Asia

My sessions with Lourens has enabled me to expand and evolve in every area of my life. Lourens provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. The healing and wisdom that I have received has not only cleared emotional and physical wounds and challenges, but has brought deep ease, calm, simple joy and wholeness into my life. Lourens has guided and assisted in my personal spiritual evolution, his guidance has led me back to myself, after each session I feel more empowered and alive. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that our paths has crossed.

Dublin, Ireland

Lourens has been particularly helpful in making sense of the lives of my elderly parents. My father died very recently and my mother has quite an extreme form of dementia. Through consultation I understood the soul path of each of these special people and this brought much peace for myself and my brother and sister too. He has been insightful and therefore helpful about my life and work direction at this stage of my life; what my life journey has prepared me for and what steps I need to be taking. This has brought reassurance and clarity; and a kind of relief really!

Dr C
Sydney, Australia

The healing from Lourens is wonderful and amazing. It gives my strength back very quickly. I always feel super blissful after the healing and even a particle of dust shines with bliss. I am truly grateful for your powerful healing. I feel I can be with my true self more, and some inhibited bliss…

Shanghai, China